Aberdeen v Hibernian Best Match Odds

Coming up this Friday night is of course the Scottish Premiership match between Aberdeen and Hibernian, and as for where you should be placing any bets on that match you do fancy placing, make sure you pick Paddy Power, for as always they have pushed out the odds they are offering on all three possible outcomes.

You will get offered Aberdeen to win that match at odds of 6/5 the draw is a possibility and as far as just what odds they are offering on a draw well they are 9/4, and for all of you out there that are convinced Hibernian will win they are up for grabs at odds of 11/5.

Paddy Power Scottish Premiership Betting Markets

The above match is of course just one of many that you may fancy placing a bet on this coming weekend, and there are plenty of other ones fully listed at Paddy Power, take for example the Dundee v St Mirren match.

You could bet on Dundee at 7/5 or take the plunge that St Mirren are going to come out on top in that match at odds of 9/5 but for all you out there that think a draw is going to be the most likely outcome they are offering the Draw at 9/4!

A Few Other Matches to Consider

Value is always something that is going to be on offer to you when you do decide to place your bets at Paddy Power, but always be on the lookout for consolations bonuses and deals when backing any football teams, as they can add additional winning opportunities or at least see you getting your money back in certain situations!

As for what else you may just fancy betting on when it comes to Scottish Premiership matches, well. You can of course also bet on this weekend’s Hearts v Kilmarnock match, the home team that being Hearts can be backed at even money, the draw odds are 23/10 and the underdogs to win that team of course being Kilmarnock are 13/5!

The St Johnstone v Hamilton match also looks like something of a one-sided match, for St Johnstone at 8/11 looks the most likely outcome, but the odds on the Draw at 5/2 may appeal to you who disagree with the chances of the home team and as for Hamilton at odds of 7/2 they look likely to have an uphill task making an impression in that match!

The match between Livingston and Celtic is kicking off this coming Sunday, so you have plenty of time to place your bets and also to try and work out just which team is going to win that match.

However, I doubt it is going to take you very long to work out just which team is going to win that match as Livingston at 13/1 appear to have no chance of winning it what so ever, and with Celtic on offer at tiny odds of just 1/8 they look certain to win that match, the Draw at 11/2 does offer punters some value but that match cant surely end in a draw, can it?