A Guide to Tricast Bets

A Guide to Tricast Bets 1As part of my seemingly never-ending range of guides that are dedicated to individual bet types, I am today going to be casting my eye over Tricast bets, for when it comes to punters having the chance of winning big when betting for small stakes, a Tricast bet is certainly one that could see you raking in the case!

However, you do of course need to have some idea as to how such a bet works and how it has been designed, so without further ado allow me to enlighten you as to how you do place a Tricast bet and where you will be best off placing such a bet online too!

A Tricast bet is one on which you are tasked with picking out three horses or three greyhounds running in any race, and you have to select them in the correct finishing order too, the ones you select much however finish in first, second and third place as you have entered them on your Tricast betting slip for your bet to be a winner.

It will be after the race is run as to when you will find out how much you have won, the racecourse or the greyhound track will announce a Tricast dividend which is declared to a £1 stake, but you can of course place any amount you wish to gamble on a Tricast bet, and will be given a percentage or a multiple of the declared Tricast dividend based on how much you staked on your bet if lower or higher in value than £1.

Tricast Bets Get a 10% Pay-Out Boost at BetFred

You should be getting yourself over to the BetFred betting site if you plan on placing any type of Tricast bet, for they will boost the value of any winning pay-outs you achieve by a whopping 10%, which in some cases could turn out to be a massive additional cash pay-out.

Make sure that you click through our links, as that way if you haven’t yet signed up to that betting site you will be able to make use of their sign-up bonus, the terms and conditions of which are of course to be found on their website, so do read them through.

Full Cover Combination Tricast Bets

If you think it will be way too difficult to pick the first, second and third placed finishers in any horse or greyhound race, you can also place something known as a full cover Combination Tricast bet instead.

By doing so you can select any number of horses or greyhounds in any one race and have them covered in such a way that as long as the ones you have chosen, do then go on to fill the first three placed positions in their respective race, you will have them covered.

So, for example of you pick out three horses and want them covered in a full cover Combination Tricast bet, that will see you having six individual bets on your betting slip all of which require the same stake so that no matter in which order they do finish as long as those you select finish first, second and third you will receive a winning pay-out.